this guide


I love to travel. It’s been a big passion in my life since I was just a kid.

I moved to Santiago when I was only 4. We traveled overland for about 60 hours, my dad, my brother and I. On my hands I had a map, and I remember my father telling me exactly where we were throughout the whole trip. That was likely the moment I acknowledged the true dimension of the world.

Well, it turned out that we all came back to Rio de Janeiro a year later, and that’s where I grew up. Two decades later, now I’m in China. The other edge of the world.

I chose to come to Beijing to learn the Chinese language, history and culture. And of course, I came to explore new travel opportunities here in Asia. I have been here since December, 2016.

Getting to know the world we live in is a never-ending mission. Writing this travel guide is a project that started long ago. I evolved from a vague idea to something I really appreciate investing time on. And I get to share my passion for writing and talking about travel experiences.

Hope you come on board with me!